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Package Policies & Details

Package and Saturday Guest Minimums

The Julia, Godfrey and Barnsley Wedding Packages require a guest minimum of 100 adults. All Saturday weddings require a guest minimum of 100 adults. This minimum may be reduced to 75 adults with a supplemental fee.

Tent Requirements and Guestroom Commitment

It is the responsibility of the wedding couple to reserve a budgetary allowance in case of inclement weather when reserving an outdoor venue. This could include tents, heaters and tent fans to provide for the comfort of you and your guests.

Tents are only required when your attendance exceeds 150 guests, or when you cannot meet a minimum guestroom commitment, as follows:

  • May, June, September and October – minimum of 35 or more guestrooms for Friday and Saturday
  • March, April, July, August, November and December - a minimum of 20 or more guestrooms for Friday and Saturday
  • January or February - no minimum guestroom commitment required
  • Select Holidays - no minimum guestroom commitment required. Holidays include Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Christmas.

Private indoor event space is provided as your weather alternate with a minimum guestroom commitment. All guestrooms will be reserved on a definite basis for you upon signing and returning an agreement. A 20% deposit based on the estimated room commitment will be due with your signed agreement. Your advance deposit will be refunded by us to you within 30 days after completion of your event if overnight rooms you paid for in advance were later paid for by your guests.

Reservations may be made directly by your guests by calling our Reservations Department toll-free, or you may submit a rooming list.

Additional Charges

Vendor meals, audio-visual services and staging required by a band are possible additional charges.

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